WeddingEglė & DariusVestuvės Vilniuje

ed_vestuves_vilniuje_01ed_vestuves_vilniuje_02ed_vestuves_vilniuje_03ed_vestuves_vilniuje_04ed_vestuves_vilniuje_06ed_vestuves_vilniuje_07ed_vestuves_vilniuje_08ed_vestuves_vilniuje_25ed_vestuves_vilniuje_24ed_vestuves_vilniuje_23ed_vestuves_vilniuje_22ed_vestuves_vilniuje_21ed_vestuves_vilniuje_20ed_vestuves_vilniuje_18ed_vestuves_vilniuje_17ed_vestuves_vilniuje_16ed_vestuves_vilniuje_15ed_vestuves_vilniuje_14ed_vestuves_vilniuje_13ed_vestuves_vilniuje_12ed_vestuves_vilniuje_11ed_vestuves_vilniuje_09ed_vestuves_vilniuje_10ed_vestuves_vilniuje_27Vestuviu fotografas Vilniuje

  • Elissa said:

    Beautiful. I love that second shot and the photo on the bridge. Her dress is lovely!

  • Wow! This photo is amazing! Very unique and artistic!

  • nora said:

    What a gorgeous wedding. Great work!

  • Wow your work is very inspiring and such a stunning bride!

  • Mitch Arnett said:

    Wow! Really nice wedding you have photographed. Beautiful documentary style, and gorgeous bride!!!

  • rich said:

    your portraits were so so beautiful! and those first few getting ready shots were absolutely killer!

  • John said:

    beautiful images - love this!

  • Darren Gair said:

    Beautiful set of images, well done!

  • Justinas said:

    Pirmos nuotraukos su atspindžiais nuostabios!